5210 Healthy Military Children: Taking advantage of the strengths of Military communities to promote child health

Common values. Shared beliefs. Cooperation. Drive. Strengths like these have helped the United States Military accomplish amazing feats on and off the battlefield. Now, a new Military initiative is capitalizing on these very qualities to bolster a crucial mission: improving the health of our nation's children.

5210 Healthy Military Children

5210 Healthy Military Children is a campaign designed to spread a common message throughout Military communities. The message represents four healthy behaviors children should achieve each day:

5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables

2 or fewer hours of screen time

1 or more hours of physical activity

0 sweetened beverages

These behaviors are recommended by groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the National Association for Sport and Physical Activity. They are based on research about what makes children healthy. ALL children, no matter their size, benefit from eating enough fruits and vegetables, reducing their screen time, being physically active, and avoiding sweetened beverages.

good for every child

We know that many people and places influence children's lives. 5210 Healthy Military Children takes advantage of the unique interconnected nature of Military communities and calls upon a variety of people and places to work together to support and promote 5210 behaviors:

5210 promoters

5210 Healthy Military Children resources are free to download, and are designed help Military communities take unified action to support and promote 5210 behaviors in children and their families. Visit the 5210 Healthy Military Children website today to see how you can be a part of the solution!